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Comapny Profile

Comapny Profile

  • SISO Engineering Nagpur engaged in manufacturing all types of safe strong and aesthetic Healthy & Play Ground Equipments.

  • Our continues improvement in design is a result of efforts of our dedicated Research & Development Team, which always works continuously towards changing environment and linking and need of Physic Building.

  • We built & cater our equipment through critical selection of high quality Raw material inputs & advanced professional manufacturing techniques. We believe Physics & Psychological development of necessity for the bring future of the nation.

  • Today we have successfully developed a range of over upto 100 Products and around numbers of equipments have been supplied across the country to Several Public Parks and Gardens, Municipal Councils, Panchayats Trusts, Schools, Hostels, Resorts, Industrial Sectors and Hospitals etc.

  • Prompt delivery and reasonable Price is our Policy. We give one year warrantee on all our equipments and we accept responsibility for repair and maintanance for one year with assurance of prompt services.

For Further Details: Please Contact M/s SISO Engineering - Nagpur

Mobile: +91-7709100431 / 9405582922 / 9730417916 / 7620740866